PAMELA BOND CONTRACTOR founded Ellipsis Enterprises, an academic editorial consulting service, in 2001 and served as its President and Editorial Director. In 2015, she started Ellipsis Editing Services to continue serving specialized writing communities.

Profile Photo_60%At Ellipsis Enterprises, Pamela served as developmental editor for numerous prestigious academic and  scientific books, organized a number of high-level academic and scientific symposia, and managed more than $2.5 million in grant funds. Previously, Pamela was a consultant editor and writer in the technical, medical, and pharmaceutical fields, as well as editor of a biomedical engineering journal.

At Ellipsis Editing Services, she works with medical, academic, and other professional organizations and writers, as well as with professional and personal writers of nonfiction, creative nonfiction (such as memoir), and fiction. Pamela has also served as a volunteer literacy and ESL/EFL tutor and works with writers whose native language is other than English. 

A peer health educator, Pamela is the originator and managing director of The Patient Path and the sister site The Patient’s Path, as well as writer, editor, and designer for both. Pamela began The Patient Path in November 2013 after being diagnosed with uterine (endometrial) cancer, for which she was successfully treated. A strong advocate of patient education as a means of fostering informed and empowered healthcare decision-making, Pamela supplements her personal health story, and the health stories of others, with extensive, reliable resources to assist patients in finding the answers they need so they get the treatment they deserve.

She also designed and manages GlobalBusiness.me, her husband Professor Farok Contractor’s website and blog exploring topics in international business, and provides editorial input on the content.

Pamela has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from La Salle University, did graduate coursework in technical and science communication at Drexel University, and studied sociolinguistics at Temple University, all in Philadelphia.

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