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Medical, Science, Technical, Academic, & Professional

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Medical, biomedical engineering, science, technical, and academic editor/writer with 30 years’ experience in books, journals, newsletters, and more. Editor of biomedical engineering journal for 10 years, converting raw text into published material. Developmental editor of multiple books in astrophysics and biochemistry for 10 years, working with high-level content experts, including Nobel laureates. Additional experience includes academic/scientific symposium and conference planning and grant management ($2.5 million). Currently an independent publishing consultant, website/blog developer, and peer health educator.

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turqoise-dot_dark Developmental & managing editing for science books, medical/biomedical journals, more

turqoise-dot_dark Copyediting & substantive editing using Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, AMA, more

turqoise-dot_dark Editorial fields include medicine, physical sciences, biomedical engineering, more

turqoise-dot_dark Template-based website/blog design, content, development, & management

turqoise-dot_dark Peer health education through websites, blogs, & other media (video, podcasts, talks)

turqoise-dot_dark English as a second language support for content specialists & tutoring for laypeople

Current Work & Related Experience 

turqoise-dot_dark Part-Time Editor, Writer, & Publishing Consultant:

turqoise-dot_dark Author/Owner & Part-Time Peer Health Educator: 

turqoise-dot_dark Part-Time Site Developer & Managing Editor: / .blog


Career History

Developmental Editor, Science Books; Conference Organizer; Grantee (Also see &

THE ASTRONOMY REVOLUTION: 400 YEARS OF EXPLORING THE COSMOS. Volume Editors: Donald G. York, Owen Gingerich, and Shuang-Nan Zhang. Publisher: CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group, 2012.
KURT GÖDEL AND THE FOUNDATIONS OF MATHEMATICS: HORIZONS OF TRUTH. Volume Editors: Matthias Baaz, Christos H. Papadimitriou, Dana S. Scott, Hilary Putnam, and Charles L. Harper, Jr. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Also helped organize conference in Vienna, Austria, 2006.
DEEP BEAUTY: UNDERSTANDING THE QUANTUM WORLD THROUGH MATHEMATICAL INNOVATION in honor of John von Neumann. Volume Editor: Hans Halvorson. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Also organized conference in Princeton, 2007.
INFINITY: NEW RESEARCH FRONTIERS. Volume Editors: Michael Heller and Hugh Woodin. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2011.
VISIONS OF DISCOVERY: NEW LIGHT ON PHYSICS, COSMOLOGY, AND CONSCIOUSNESS in honor of Charles H. Townes. Volume Editors: Raymond Y. Chiao, Marvin L. Cohen, Anthony J. Leggett, William D. Phillips, and Charles L. Harper, Jr. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Also helped organize conference at the University of California, Berkeley, 2005.
WATER AND LIFE: THE UNIQUE PROPERTIES OF H2O in honor of Lawrence J. Henderson. Volume Editors: Ruth M. Lynden-Bell, Simon Conway Morris, John D. Barrow, John L. Finney, and Charles L. Harper, Jr. Publisher: CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group, Also organized conference in Varenna, Italy, 2005.
FITNESS OF THE COSMOS FOR LIFE: BIOCHEMISTRY AND FINE-TUNING in honor of Lawrence J. Henderson. Volume Editors: John D. Barrow, Simon Conway Morris, Stephen J. Freeland, and Charles L. Harper, Jr. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2008. Also organized conference at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA, 2003.
SCIENCE AND ULTIMATE REALITY: QUANTUM THEORY, COSMOLOGY AND COMPLEXITY in honor of John A. Wheeler. Volume Editors: John D. Barrow, Paul C. W. Davies, and Charles L. Harper, Jr. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2004. Also helped organize conference in Princeton, 2002.

Writer & Editor, Medical & Pharmaceutical Publications 

  • John Templeton Foundation, Philadelphia, PA – 1998–2011: Editor & Special Projects Consultant
  • Medical Association Communications, Langhorne, PA – 1997–1998: Medical Association Newsletters
  • Bond Communications Services, North Wales, PA – 1996–1997: Medical & Pharmaceutical Projects
  • ECRI Institute, Plymouth Meeting, PA – 1985–1995: Biomedical Engineering Journal Editing & Management

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  • Graduate Program, Linguistics, 1989; Temple University – Philadelphia, PA; 3 core credit hours in sociolinguistics; GPA: 4.0
  • Graduate Program, Technical & Science Communication / Teaching Assistantship, 1983–1984; Drexel University – Philadelphia, PA; 9 core credit hours in technical and science writing and editing; GPA: 4.0
  • B.A., English Literature, 1983; La Salle University – Philadelphia, PA; Maxima cum Laude; Outstanding English Student; GPA: 3.9

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