Peek-a-Book-to-Screen-Adaptation: “The Natural”

Category: Sports | Baseball | Drama | Romance | Literary Fiction Director: Barry Levinson | Author: Bernard Malamud Studio: Columbia; 1984 Keywords: Baseball; Depression-Era America; Boyhood Dreams; Ordinary Heroes; Everyday Magic; Hope Triumphs Just in time for what should be the beginning of baseball season, I offer a glimpse at a baseball movie derived from … More Peek-a-Book-to-Screen-Adaptation: “The Natural”

Peek-a-Book: “The Chelsea Girls”

Category: Historical Fiction | Mystery & Suspense | Literary Fiction Author: Fiona Davis Publisher: DUTTON / Penguin Random House LLC; 2019 Keywords: World War II; McCarthyism; Anti-Communism; Broadway; Hollywood Fiona Davis is a best-selling author known for writing about iconic New York City buildings whose history – or even very existence, as in The Masterpiece … More Peek-a-Book: “The Chelsea Girls”

Review: “Testimony” by Scott Turow

Testimony by Scott Turow My rating: 4 of 5 stars I wouldn’t have thought the premise of Testimony—the Bosnian war and the fate of a group of Roma, the long-persecuted nomadic people erroneously named “Gypsies” (they originally emigrated from India, not Egypt)—would be a subject that would interest me enough to pick up the book. … More Review: “Testimony” by Scott Turow

Help! I’m “speeding” toward a family feud about parts of speech…

Recently, I received this request for an opinion from a fellow creative writer, who needed help in settling a family dispute over parts of speech—some words don’t seem to fit into the basic eight (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, interjection). We were out for dinner today with the whole family. The grandkids were playing Mad Libs, and my … More Help! I’m “speeding” toward a family feud about parts of speech…

Peek-a-Book: “Victoria” – Tale of a Young Queen

Victoria is a novel by Daisy Goodwin, who also created and wrote the eight-part ITV/PBS drama of the same name currently airing in the US on Masterpiece. Daisy Goodwin, author of the New York Times bestselling novels The Fortune Hunter and The American Heiress, is a Londoner who earned a degree in history at Cambridge, attended Columbia’s film … More Peek-a-Book: “Victoria” – Tale of a Young Queen

Living Her Life in “Jeopardy” Before Colon Cancer Claimed Her

Updated from the original post on The Patient Path – December 16, 2016 Acknowledging the Sad Passing of Someone Who Had Time Enough to Live Her Dream: Cindy Stowell, “Jeopardy!” Champion JEOPARDY PRODUCTIONS, INC., VIA ASSOCIATED PRESS ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Dies Before She Could See Her Triumph on TV See Original Story 12/16/16 By DANIEL VICTOR Last Friday, it … More Living Her Life in “Jeopardy” Before Colon Cancer Claimed Her

Gwen Ifill, PBS Reporter, Dies of Uterine Cancer

Reposted from – Coping with Women’s Cancers Photo Credit: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images for “Meet The Press” I was Gwen Ifill’s age when I was diagnosed with uterine (endometrial) cancer three years ago. Today, the world lost an astute, inspiring reporter, whom I’ve followed on the PBS NewsHour  for a number of years. More than 60,000 … More Gwen Ifill, PBS Reporter, Dies of Uterine Cancer

Thanksgiving Day and Globalization

REPOSTED WITH THANKS FROM THE ARTICLE ON GLOBALBUSINESS.ME BY FAROK J. CONTRACTOR, PROFESSOR OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY © 2015 Prof. Farok J. Contractor, Rutgers University See the updated post: Second Helping, November 24, 2016 As Americans sit down to their Thanksgiving Day repasts each year, they are taught to recall the story of the “Pilgrim Fathers,” … More Thanksgiving Day and Globalization