Peek-a-Book-to-Screen-Adaptation: “The Natural”

Category: Sports | Baseball | Drama | Romance | Literary Fiction Director: Barry Levinson | Author: Bernard Malamud Studio: Columbia; 1984 Keywords: Baseball; Depression-Era America; Boyhood Dreams; Ordinary Heroes; Everyday Magic; Hope Triumphs Just in time for what should be the beginning of baseball season, I offer a glimpse at a baseball movie derived from … More Peek-a-Book-to-Screen-Adaptation: “The Natural”

Peek-a-Book: “The Chelsea Girls”

Category: Historical Fiction | Mystery & Suspense | Literary Fiction Author: Fiona Davis Publisher: DUTTON / Penguin Random House LLC; 2019 Keywords: World War II; McCarthyism; Anti-Communism; Broadway; Hollywood Fiona Davis is a best-selling author known for writing about iconic New York City buildings whose history – or even very existence, as in The Masterpiece … More Peek-a-Book: “The Chelsea Girls”