Additional Ellipsis Editorial Projects

National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) Writing & Editing Services


Website and Examination Materials Writing, Editing, & Proofreading

Services Provided: Researched and rewrote material for the new website, to be unveiled in August 2017. Also rewrote, edited, and proofread materials for the organization′s examination materials and 2016 annual report.

Sample Scientific Transcription Project

AIP_garwin_richard_a1Interview with Richard L. Garwin by Kenneth W. Ford

Scientist Who Helped Design the H-Bomb Reflects on His Work for American Institute of Physics (AIP) Oral History Interviews

Services Provided: Transcribed four-hour recorded interview by Dr. Ford with Dr. Garwin, requiring extensive web searches for scientific names, places, terms, and citations

Client Comment: “You did a fantastic job of getting the names correct and finding and footnoting relevant references. Good work!” – Kenneth W. Ford, Former Executive Director & CEO of AIP*

*Also see Building the H Bomb: A Personal History by Kenneth W. Ford and hear an audio interview.


Sample Academic Editing Book Project

Colleges that Encourage Character DevelopmentMulti-Author Education Guidebook: Colleges that Encourage Character Development – TF Press, 1999

Services Provided: Developmental and substantive editing, multi-editor oversight

Biomedical Engineering Journal

Health Devices_Final Print Issue_2013-12Multi-Author Healthcare-Delivery Journal: Health Devices (Print Journal) – ECRI Institute

Services Provided: Editorial director (1985–1995) – Developmental and substantive editing, author guidance, production oversight