Our Fees

Project Fees

Our fees are based on industry guidelines, scope of your project, and our expertise and experience. 

Working with you, we will evaluate your project, determine the type and level of editorial or writing service required, and establish the time frame.

Whenever possible, we provide you with a total project fee. We begin with an hourly rate corresponding to your project′s scope and requirements,* factor in your timeline, and allot an estimated number of hours to complete the work, including time spent interacting with you. (The total project fee is almost always less than a simple xx hours @ $xx formula would yield.)

Trial edits and writing samples are available.

Please use the contact form to inquire about our services and pricing.

*Pricing Resources

Note: These resources are guidelines and are provided for general information only.

 Editorial Freelancers Association (US) – Editorial Rate Guidelines 

Society for Editors and Proofreaders (UK) – Suggested Minimum Rates*

* Click for currency converter (GBP –> USD)