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In all its forms, editing is an integral and essential part of the publishing process. Yet it doesn’t exist for its own sake. At Ellipsis, we recognize that editing partners with and supports written communication that enhances and celebrates the work of the mind and the imagination for the enrichment and enjoyment of readers.

Our blog contains posts and discussions that help motivate writers to reach—and keep—their readers with the assistance and counsel of their editors. It also invites questions from editors, authors, and readers—and strives to provide practical, real-life answers that explain and clarify the issues of contemporary writing and publishing while supporting and encouraging high editorial standards in today’s rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

An additional focus of our blog is examining the work of other writers to provide insights into how they sculpt the riches of their minds into forms that empower and enrich readers’ lives. At Ellipsis, we are also big fans of reading!

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Thank you for being an Ellipsis blog reader. Please contact us with your questions, comments, requests, and ideas.

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