Author Support

3rd Dot on White_74x82pxResearch Assistance

1st Dot on White_74x82pxManuscript Critique

3rd Dot on White_74x82pxMedia Transcription*

1st Dot on White_74x82pxEnglish as a Second Language Support

*Sample Scientific Transcription Project: 

AIP_garwin_richard_a1Interview with Richard L. Garwin by Kenneth W. Ford

Scientist Who Helped Design the H-Bomb Reflects on His Work for American Institute of Physics (AIP) Oral History Interviews

Services Provided: Transcribed four-hour recorded interview by Dr. Ford with Dr. Garwin, requiring extensive web searches for scientific names, places, terms, and citations

Client Comment: “You did a fantastic job of getting the names correct and finding and footnoting relevant references. Good work!” – Kenneth W. Ford, Former Executive Director & CEO of AIP*

*Also see Building the H Bomb: A Personal History by Kenneth W. Ford and hear an audio interview.

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